What the hell is going on here?
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Who are you? I am Adalen. I draw, I write music and I take pictures. I am a twenty-one year old from Central California.

Do you do all of this yourself? Mostly. Some of the musical meanderings are done with my friends.

Do you draw freehanded? Yes. With a Wacom pad and stylus in Photoshop. I only recently learned how to make straight lines.. I'm slow.

How come you don't do LEGO skits anymore? Not only do I currently not have a camera, but I gave all of my LEGOs away to my friends' sons. They were collecting dust in my room for the longest time. Now they collect dust in their rooms. I made them promise to let me use them any time I want though - and I kept all of the LEGO men just in case.

Do you actually like Hanson? Yes.

What's up with all of the X-Files nonsense? Sorry guys, I love the X-Files just as much as I like Hanson and have my own little Scully/Reyes thing going on that other friends/fans will appreciate. You'll get used to skipping over them.

How come I don't understand half your skeds? A lot of them are inside jokes. And by inside jokes I mean "inside the online Hanson fan population". Some just don't make sense and that alone is supposed to make them funny. I can't explain each and every one because it ruins the whole joke.

What gave you the idea to start this? My love for making people laugh and complete annoyance by the way some people tend to act. Don't worry, I'm over it now.

Who sings on the Zachary Song? That's me.

Who the hell are the Fancy Fanson Singerz? I don't know. They were some girls who did some Hanson covers and everyone snagged their mp3s and had a good ole time listening to them. So I decided to pay tribute to them. I have NO idea who the girls are but I'm pretty sure they meant business.

Are you sure you're not the Fancy Fanson Singerz? The Skeds and the FFS are two completely different things. I'd like to at least believe that eight years of piano and five years of being in a band has earned me some right to musical competancy. The Skeds may have silly songs, but they at least sound like songs.

Do you have a life? No. No, I don't. My body survives solely on expelling sarcasm and wit.

\\ okay, i feel well skeducated. now, take me back \\